MASTER CLASS: Preventative Cardiology with Dr Walker

Dr Walker talks about various health issues in relation to cardiac health and provides wisdom that will help you understand and manage your own heart health in a preventative manner.

Cutting edge knowledge and practical tips await.
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What's included?

Discover the Discipline of Preventative Cardiology

The 5 Keys to being Healthy
A no-nonsense free series of talks to give you an idea of the 5 things you can focus on today to start living a healthier life.
We hope you enjoy it. 

Functional Health Basics 
Functional Health Basics, where you will learn about addictions, exercise, happiness, nutrition, inflammation, and the impact of genetics on your health.
Advanced Cardio Knowledge
Learn about various areas of health that your cardio fitness impacts, along with other advanced cardiology topics including insulin resistance, coronary calcium scoring, erectile dysfunction, and much, much more.

Meet the Instructors

Health Professionals from all over the world...

Our team of doctors and allied healthcare professionals come from all over the world and range in their expertise from Sports Rehabilitation and Cardiac Care, to Functional Medicine and Cancer Recovery.
Featured teacher
"The best treatment of heat disease is called Prevention"

Dr Ross Walker

Preventative Cardiologist
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The information contained in these course does not represent medical advice or training and is written for informational purposes only.
Miskawaan Health Group recommends you speak with your doctor or medical professional before changing diets, modifying any lifestyle programs, undertaking exercise, or acting on any medical advice or information.  The information contained herein has not been evaluated by any government health authority and is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any diseaseVery small text.
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