About Miskawaan Health Group

A team of experts in functional medicine, preventative health, cardiology, cancer care rehabilitation, physiotherapy, diet & nutrition

Learn from us about all aspects of preventive health.
For example, you can watch Dr Andy in the video below speak about getting back into exercise post-covid.
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About Miskawaan Health Group

We aim to create a stronger, healthier world

Founded in 2018

At Miskawaan Health we offer clinically proven,  scientifically-based health information to educate and encourage people to adopt healthily lifestyle practises.

MHG Education: Our goal

To provide our community with practical effective health education that empowers you to improve your health decisions and life choices. We want to help you avoid suffering from preventable illness and chronic lifestyle conditions.

MHG Services and Activities

  • Functional Medicine.
  • Events, webinars, workshops & seminars.
  • Preventative Medicine: Lifestyle medicine that will help improve and maintain your health and vitality as you age.
  • Performance and Rehabilitation Services: To maintain and improve your health and help you recover from illness or injury.
  • Intervention Care: For the treatment of chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Cancer, Gut health issues (allergies and food intolerances), Hormone Health, Detoxification, and Immune health conditions.

Specific Skills

Prevention: Improving your health through improved lifestyle.

Performance and Rehabilitation: Improving Recovery

Intervention: Sustainable Treatment Options for those of us who are sick or have a chronic condition.

Our Expertise

We Are Experts In The Field Of IV Nutrition

Good nutrition is essential in keeping current and future generations healthy across ones lifespan.

more absorption.

IV Vitamin C Absorption Vs Oral Tablet*

Pharmacokinetic studies in healthy persons, using a depletion-repletion design, show that intravenous administration can achieve 70-fold higher blood levels of vitamin C than the highest tolerated oral dose.
* https://doi.org/10.7326/0003-4819-140-7-200404060-00010

of Vitamin C destroyed.

Cooking Destroys up to 91% of Vitamin C in food*

The retention of vitamin C ranged from 0.0 to 91.1% for all cooked samples. *https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6049644/ 
Functional Medical Team

Expert Medical Team

Miskawaan clinics are licensed medical clinics and all of our practitioners are licensed medical doctors (MD's) in the jurisdictions in which they operate.

In recognition of the long-established (20+ years and counting) successful medical therapies of our MHG co-founder, Dr Johannes Wessolly, we describe ourselves as practitioners of integrated functional medicine—a method of treating 
where we utilise the inherent healing functions of one’s own body often using natural, plant-based therapies.

We treat the cause, not the symptoms for maximum sustainable health. It is our goal to impart our knowledge through our videos and future courses for your improved health.

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