The 2022 Functional Medicine Symposium (FMS)

In May 2022 Miskawaan Health Group partnered with the world-leading Global Health Summit to present Thailand's first Functional Medical Symposium. Access to the recordings of this event are available in this course.
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What's included in the Functional Medicine Symposium talks?

The Functional Medical Symposium is an event platform to communicate with our colleagues and the public, sharing knowledge and experience to facilitate the building of a community devoted to helping improve the health and lives of those in the community.  

  Build Community
One of the goals of the FMS is to help with networking among medical professionals and public to help with cross disciplinarily understanding in the health & medical community.
  Knowledge Sharing
We aimed to share our knowledge and that of our colleagues with the wider audience to facilitate improvements in healthcare and the live's of those we care for.
  Enriching Health Education
By sharing knowledge and experience within the medical community to enrich education and help people understand what healthcare is available.
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  Dr. Johannes Wessolly (Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, Miskawaan Health, Thailand)

Learn about the Gut-Brain and our gut's influence on brain function.
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Dr. Ross Walker (Preventative Cardiologist, Australia)

Learn from the best about preventative cardiology and the future of regenerative medicine.  
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Dr. Pansak Sugkraroek MD, (Regenerative Medical Specialist, Thailand

Learn about what happens to our bodies as we age.
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Dr. Chris Jensen M.D. (Longevity Specialist, UK)

Understand health span and how to slow the aging process.
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