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The Functional BioHacker (Platinum)

Biohacker is our premium and most comprehensive course with a full suite of information on diagnostics, medical conditions, exercise, longevity treatments and lifestyle practises to get up to speed with the latest knowledge so you know what is possible for your health. 

This course is for those who are serious about health and getting the latest most up to date knowledge.
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What's included?

The Functional Biohacker (Platinum) includes everything that the Basics (Bronze) and Advocate (Silver) course offers, plus

Advanced Cardiovascular Knowledge
Learn about various areas of health that your cardio fitness impacts, along with other advanced cardiology topics including insulin resistance, coronary calcium scoring, erectile dysfunction, and much, much more.
Immune System Knowledge
In this section we delve into the health of the immune system. You will learn about covid, dengue fever and supplementation for immune system health.
Advanced Exercise and Longevity Treatments
Fitness over 50's, peptide longevity treatments, and additional yoga (Kundalini, and Bikram yoga) and pilates videos are included. Plus bonus videos on heavy metals, cancer treatments, and other therapy. 
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