At Miskawaan Health Education we provide you with the tools to help you to...

Improve your health & build your physical wealth...

Imagine waking up with more energy, or running the marathon you've been putting off, or handling your food intolerances better, or just feeling younger. The preventative therapies on offer at Miskawaan Health can get you there.

It is the aim of our video courses to help you and our community understand what health is, and the Miskawaan approach to helping you remain healthy.

Start learning today about all the aspects of health that make Miskawaan Health unique. We can help you improve your health and your life.  We offer a few courses for free where you can get to know the team and what we do. We also offer a range of courses in health, happiness, preventative cardiology, exercise and lifestyle practises.  We will progressively add more educational material that will help you learn about  how you can improve the way you eat, change the way you live, and adopt real habits and understanding that helps you work towards your health and life goals. 

We offer our courses on a pay per use basis, or a far more cost effective  subscription basis. View the course below, or sign up for a subscription.
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What's included in our subscriptions? 

  • The 2022 Functional Medicine Symposium Lectures
  • Our Premium course - Functional BioHacker (Platinum) video courses
  • The Preventative Cardio video courses.
  • Plus you will have access to our webinars.
  • Receive invitations to our events 
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About Miskawaan Health...

Treat the Cause...

We are obsessed with "treating the cause'. Miskawaan Health is a group of Functional Medicine clinics made up of functional medical doctors that specialize in Prevention, Performance and Intervention Therapies.

We believe that education is just as important to the prevention of illness and disease as is any intervention therapy we offer.

We offer a number of courses that we believe will educate you and help you make healthy choices.

Our free courses will teach you about the 5 keys of ultimate wellness, and so much more. Our paid courses will help you understand your health just a little bit better so you can ask your doctor questions that will help you get better care.

We believe that education is power and may help prevent a heart attack or reduce the occurrence of diabetes in yourself or a loved one. We will teach you that your healthcare is practical and is in your hands and the hands of your health care provider.

Here you will learn all about the practical things you can do to prevent and enhance your health and that of your family...
  • Nutrition (Coming Soon)
  • Balance Body & Mind (Coming Soon)
  • Preventative Cardiology
  • Workout Routines and Rehab (Coming Soon)
  • Cancer  and Chronic Disease Care (Coming Soon)
  • Immune Health (Coming Soon)
  • Nutrition Advice (Coming Soon) 
  • Gut Health, Allergies, and Food Intolerances. (Coming Soon)
  • Webinars
  • The latest in Functional Health
  • And much more...

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Health & lifestyle education, cooking classes and tips, meal planning, training and rehabilitation workshops,  etc.

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“The doctors here, they think about you as a person, you individually, and we are all different. The way it is handled here is empathetic, thoughtful, so I’ve had a really positive, very good experience from Miskawaan, it's been very good.”

James Walker

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